What Makes Camisteam A Variety Vape Shop!!

Featuring The Speciality Of Camisteam: Vapor Store Orlando
August 2, 2018
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September 2, 2018

What Makes Camisteam A Variety Vape Shop!!

Vape Shop & Smoke Shop Orlando – Camisteam

With more and more people getting aware of the fact that smoking cigarettes are injurious to health, a new wave of vape shops is approaching them. But the question is what makes camisteam a place different from the others? And yes we have the answer for you.

It is our huge range of vape juices with a variety of flavors to help you keep up your way to quit smoking by choosing an alternative which is safe for your health.

Let us get a quick insight into some of our best products so that you can be sure to visit our vape shop in Orlando either you are a resident of the place or a visitor.

Awesometown e liquid: if you are fond of candies then this flavor is truly meant for you because it has an elegance which is sweet and tasty like gummy bears.

Also, the refreshing dose of strawberry and kiwi help you get an extraordinary vape experience.

VAPE THE PIER E JUICE: if you want to feel the experience you had at your favorite coffee shop, this flavor is truly made for you. It contains the luscious flavor of passion fruit with a combination of lemon, green tea, and juicy strawberries. Using this vape juice is no less than a big cup of red tea.

120 STRAWBERRY POP: now this is something pure form of strawberry. This flavor is highly complementing to your vape needs because it can give you a burst of strawberry ice cream and fresh ripe strawberries with every vape hit.

V'Nilla Strawberry Milk e juice

V’Nilla Strawberry Milk juice

The Lost Art e-liquid: if you are a strong smoking addict, we have it for you because vape juice is definitely not dangerous like smoking.

We provide multiple strengths from 0 to 6 mg. You can get a huge variety of flavors with option like You can enjoy the amazing flavors of Cottontail Cream, Gummy Glu, Max VG Cottontail Cream, Max VG OGB, Max VG Space Rockz, Pop, Space Rockz, OGB, Slotter, TFN Space Rockz, The Grape White, TFN Strawberry Strike, and Ziggy.

V’Nilla Strawberry Milk: V’Nilla Strawberry Milk is specially designed for those old skool smokers who prefer to have some twist with the flavors of strawberry milk with vanilla cookie wafers.

It is one of our best sellers because of the vanilla cookies and fresh strawberries flavor that help you get a creamy and milky exhale with each hit.

V'Nilla Strawberry Milk e juice- Vape Shop Orlando

V’Nilla Strawberry Milk juice-Vape Shop Orlando

We are not only limited to these but also have a range of unique flavors like Cloudin Candy E-Liquid, Candy Holic – Grape E-Juice, Cloudin Candy E-Liquid, Candy Holic – Grape E-Juice and much more. We give you so many reasons to visit us and we would love to have you at our place.

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