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October 16, 2018
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October 20, 2018

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Vapor Orlando – Camisteam is an  Orlando Vape Shop, offering hundreds of  Vapor products ranging from the latest vape hardware,  different Vape Juice flavors from around the world, Vape coils and ecigarette accessories to fit just about every device, and so much more. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting out, we’ve got everything you’ll ever need and we’d love to welcome you into the family ❤



E-cigarettes, vaping and public health | Vapor Near Me | Vape Shop Orlando 


What are e-cigarettes?

Vapor Orlando : E-cigarettes generally consist of a battery, a heating coil and a liquid containing nicotine.

Drawing on the e-cigarette or pressing a switch activates the battery to heat the vape coil, which vaporizes the vape liquid.

This is then inhaled and the nicotine absorbed into the blood via mouth, throat and lungs.

The liquids contain nicotine, a ‘diluent’ such as propylene glycol or glycerol, and a flavoring, such as tobacco, mint, vanilla or fruit.

There are now hundreds of flavors and these are an intrinsic part of the appeal.  The devices and the liquids can be sold as integrated units or with liquids sold separately.

Some look like cigarettes (1st generation ‘cig-a-likes’), some look like pens (2nd generation ‘Ego’ type)

and the larger ones with tanks can look very distinctively different (3rd generation ‘vape tanks’or ‘vape mods’).


Benefits of vaping to a smoker:

Vapor Orlando :  From the smoker’s perspective, e-cigarettes create a new ‘value proposition’.

They offer many of the experiences of smoking (a nicotine hit, something to hold and gesture with, sensory experience etc) with few of the harms (long term risk is much lower, less social disapproval, minimal odor nuisance) and at a lower cost, with beneficial knock-on effects to the family budget – which can be especially important in poor families. Prior to the emergence of e-cigarettes, the alternatives were broadly.

How have e-cigarettes come about?

Vapor Orlando : The products have emerged only recently (since 2007) thanks to advances in battery technology,which can now provide sufficient power to vaporize an adequate flow of liquid and sufficient battery life to make devices practical. This has been the key enabling development – partly a spin-off from mobile phone technology.

E-cigarettes first emerged in China, which is still the largest manufacturer
by far, with increasingly sophisticated plant and designs.


The public health proposition is that:

(1) E-cigarettes provide a satisfactory alternative to smoking (nicotine, sensory and ritual aspects) and will displace cigarette use in the consumer market for recreational nicotine.

(2) E-cigarettes dramatically reduce risks to health, likely by 95-100%, among those who switch with negligible impacts on bystanders, at lower cost, and with lower social stigma. The vast majority of harm in smoking comes from tar and hot gases – products of combustion, rather
than nicotine. These are almost entirely absent in e-cigarette vapor.

(3) E-cigarettes are a market-based public health phenomenon that ‘meets people where they are’.





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