DVTCH Amsterdam Van Gogh E-liquid Review

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September 2, 2018
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September 13, 2018

DVTCH Amsterdam Van Gogh E-liquid Review

DVTCH Amsterdam Van Gogh | Vape Juice Near me

Van Gogh by DVTCH Amsterdam Shortfill  This was like a real experiment. Imagining being one the most famous people from DUTCH history; Vincent van Gogh. If he would have lived today we like to think he would “paint” his own e-juice like this. Hazelnut pistachio RY4 with raw chocolate, a little crazy but insanely good.

The mix is 85% VG / 15% PG.

This is Zero Nicotine E-Liquid



On inhaling you are immediately hit with the Hazelnut and Pistachio flavor profiles combined into a perfect blend. The nutty flavors work well together yet still allowing your taste buds to pick up the individual notes or both. You are then met with the richness of the Raw Chocolate and a mellow smoothness from the Ry4 that leaves just a hint of its tobacco and caramel goodness. On the exhale comes all of this with a creaminess from the chocolate leaving you wanting more.

Once you try it you will understand why it was named after such an incredible artist. Flavors mixed from the palette of Van Gogh himself.

You will have no problems making this your ADV and if you love your coffee as much as me you will find it is perfect with your morning coffee or in the evening when it’s time to relax.

This one is a must!

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