9 Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid While Vaping!!

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September 13, 2018
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October 6, 2018

9 Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid While Vaping!!

What not to do while vaping! | Vape Near Orlando

Vaping can be amazing when you have the latest products with your purchases from Smoke Shop in Orlando. It can not only satisfy your desire for nicotine but also help you set a sweet and unique taste of mouth. However, if you are completely amateur in dealing with vaping products, then there are chances that you would make some mistakes. So, if you don’t want to ruin your vaping experience, all you need to carefully stick by below guide to common mistakes that you can make.

Cheap products: the vaping can only be started by purchasing the right e-cigarette and juices. But that does not mean that you can get some random product. You must only get good quality products from a reputed and trusted place. For example, you can try The SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable Pod Kit which runs on 450 mAh battery and has an amazing luxury design.

The SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable Pod Kit

The SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable Pod Kit

Dry hits: make sure you have an ample amount of juice in your device. If the coil is running low on juice it can cause dry hits making your throat rough. Thus, you must stop vaping when you see a low level of e-juice in your device.

Blend of e-juices: it may seem fun using a variety of juices but blending them together could give you a drastic experience. Adding two different e-juices can give you a worst vaping experience, so you should never do it.

Dirty coil: the dirty coil could give you a bad taste on vape and less vapor every time you try a hit. Thus, you must ensure that every time you use your device it should have a clean coil. Also, you should never forget to replace it after a week or two.

Heavy nicotine: you must never use a heavy amount of nicotine with e-juices as it can ruin your experience. Consuming heavy nicotine can make you feel uncomfortable and sick.

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How to Vape

Low battery: you must wash the coil, refill the e-juice and choose an optimum nicotine level. However, if you have no battery in your vaping device, they are all of no use. Thus, you must develop a habit of recharging your e-cigarettes.

Same juices: vaping can be boring when you stick to a single flavor. Therefore, you must always try to choose and get different types of flavor for having a better vaping experience.

Leakages: sometimes, your device may start to leak due to wrong use of juice or over tightening of the device. Therefore, you must always try to keep your device in perfect condition by fixing it for any leakages to get optimum vaping experience.

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